Rannva Danielsen

R Danielsen syn webPhD Candidate

Rannvá Danielsen is a PhD Candidate in Environment and Natural Resources at Syntesa. Fluent in Faroese, Danish, and English. Understands and speaks Icelandic, Norwegian and Swedish.




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Mobile: +(298) 233083
Skype: rannvadanielsen


Rannvá will evaluate the social desirability of fisheries after the adoption of a new management system (results-based management) in the Faroe Islands, Denmark, Norway and Iceland. The project is a part of SAF21, a consortium on Social Science Aspects of Fisheries for the 21st Century. SAF21 is financed under the EU Horizon 2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie (MSC)– ITN-ETN programme (project 642080).